1. The Organisation shall be called the Wiltshire and District South Road Federation. The radius of the Federation shall be 25 miles outside the borders of Wiltshire. Should a Member move his/her loft to a place outside the area so defined then his/her Membership shall cease. The Head Quarters as per the Federation Secretary's address.

2. All standard RPRA rules to apply.

3. Clubs and Societies applying for Membership should forward the Application to the Federation Secretary.
i) A copy of the Club or Society rules.
ii) The radius, and Members loft locations.

4. A Club or Society that is a Member of the Federation shall not be allowed to extend its radius outside the county before obtaining permission to do so from the Federation.

5. (a) The annual subscription for clubs and societies will be £35 per loft location, per year. Fees to be paid to the Federation Secretary by the 1st March each year.

5. (b) New Clubs to pay a fee of £1.05p.

5. (c) Should the need arise the Federation Committee has the power to levy upon its Members a sum to meet the expenses of the Federation.

5. (d) Race Fees must be paid within 21 days upon receipt of Invoice. Any club not complying with this rule will forfeit the right to compete in any Federation race until the fees are paid in full together with any additional charge which might be incurred because of this non payment.

5. (e) Non Flying members pay a reduced nominal fee of £1.

6. Clubs and Societies failing to pay their annual fees by 1st March will not be eligible to take part in the Management of the Federation or its racing program.

7. At the annual general meeting of the Federation each Club will be represented by one Member who shall have voting power.

8. (a) Federation Officers will be elected for a period of one year only. They may stand for re-election at the end of their term of office.

8. (b) All Serving Officers shall be regarded as the Management Committee.

8. (c) The Federation Chairman to have a casting vote

9. The Federation banking account will be operated by the Secretary and Treasurer. Cheques will have two signatures. The Secretary, Treasurer and Chairperson only will be entitled to sign cheques.

10. Clubs and Societies are responsible for delivering their birds to the destination specified by the Federation and by the times stated.

11. Birds will be held at owners risk at all times they are in Federation charge. The Federation will not be responsible for non delivery, loss or damage and all birds and property are carried at owner's risk.

12. At Delegate Meetings each Club or Society will be represented by one Member who shall have voting power. At least 3 (three) Delegate Meetings to be held each year. The 2nd Sunday in October, the 2nd Sunday in December, which shall also be the Annual General Meeting, and the 2nd Sunday in March.
Further Delegate Meetings will be called if the Secretary or Chairperson so deem or if 2/3 of the Federation Clubs demand one.

13. Clubs and Societies are responsible for the condition of their crates. All crates should be tied with three strings sealed with RPRA seals. A label should be securely attached to each crate stating the sex and number of pigeons in the crate. Alternatively an adhesive label affixed to the liberation door. These to have the sex and number of birds thereon.

14. Crates should have the name of the Club or Society painted on the liberation flaps.

15. Clubs and Societies in the Federation will be liable to pay their proportionate share per bird of the cost of convoying.

16. All Federation assets to be fully insured as will all persons travelling in the Federation transporter. This latter requirement to include death injury and medical expenses.

17. (a) The Secretary of each Member Club shall, immediately after the birds are marked, send to the Federation Secretary the completed consignment note together with either a copy of each Members race sheet which must clearly indicate the sex, colour, metal ring number and outside number of race rubbers on every bird entered or an ETS race entry sheet containing competitor's name, address, RPRA loft Number, race and date.
(b) When Specialist Club Races form part of the Federation Race Program birds may be nominated from the Specialist Club Race into the Federation Race. Paperwork must be forwarded to the Federation Secretary according to the rule and Federation birdage charges must be paid
(c) All birds sent on the Federation transport, whether as race birds or as trainers, must be fully recorded on the member's race sheet and race-rubbered or carry an ETS ring. If a member is an ETS user then trainers will be accepted race-rubbered.

18. Clubs and Societies will telephone, fax or email the Federation Secretary with the Club or Society highest velocity within two days of the close of the race to enable a provisional result to be circulated.
Clubs and Societies will forward their full club result, together with Master timer dial/roll, member's clock dial/roll and rubber/counterfoil or ETS race arrival report signed by a Club Official for the first five positions listed to the Federation Secretary with the Federation Transporter at the pick up for the next Federation race.
If this is not possible then the required information must be posted first class within one day of the pickup. Post mark will be accepted as proof of posting. Failure to comply will mean omission from the race result.

19. The Federation reserve the right to call for clock dials, distances etc of any Federation Member as and when required.

20. The Federation reserve the right to verify any bird appearing in a Federation result.

21. All clocks used in connection with any race must be set and checked from Master Timers which shall display and leave a permanent printed record in days, hours, minutes and seconds, and ALL Master Timers shall be SET and CHECKED by Master Time which shall be GREENWICH TIME taken from the last "PIP" of the BBC Time Signal or from "TIM"
All electronic timers set with the ETS radio clock shall deemed to be correct with TIM.

22. Affiliated Club Members clocks to be checked against the Clubs Master Timer on the same day as the bird(s) are timed in. The Member's clock may be opened, rubbers checked and the clock reset if the birds are timed in before 19 00 hrs

23. In 'Open Races' full details of all birds timed in together with clock details, variations and velocities will be forwarded to the Federation Secretary no later than four days after the close of the race.

24. All races to be flown on velocity proper. The bird making the highest velocity shall be declared the winner, excepting when, in the opinion of the Management Committee having given full consideration to the circumstances prevailing at the time, a pigeon or pigeons return an improbable velocity.
All inland Old Bird races to close at 2200 hours on the day of liberation. Young bird races to close at 2030 hours.

25. Overseas races up to and including *Nantes to close at 2200 hours on the day following liberation. Beyond *Nantes the race to close at 2200 hours on the third day following liberation. The hours of darkness for old bird races to be 2200 until 0500 hours and for young bird races 2030 hours until 0600 hours. *(or equivalent mileage)

26. In all races liberation shall be at the discretion of the Race adviser and the Convoyer. They should however be mindful of comments, advice and recommendations arrived at during general delegate meetings of the Federation as to the suggested times for particular races.

27. In the event of a dispute arising on a matter not covered by Federation Rules the matter will be investigated by the Federation Committee whose decision shall be final but subject to right of appeal to the RPRA.

28. Pools will be available for all racing and any open race organized by the Federation. These to be 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, and £2. 10% to be retained and the remainder paid out at 20-1. Should there be insufficient birds timed to dispose of the money, the residue to be divided equally between birds winning in that particular pool.

29. The Federation Secretary shall send copies of all business to the Chairman and Secretary of all Member Clubs and to each Member of the Management Committee.

30. The financial year to be clearly indicated by permanent dates. The balance sheet to be audited before presentation to the AGM.

31. A Federation Dispute Committee consisting of the Chairman and one Committee Member from each Club will deal with any dispute which may arise.

32. The foregoing rules should be read in conjunction with the rules of the RPRA and are not intended to be at variance with such rules except in Federation domestic matters.

33. A loft location will be allowed no more than 10 positions in the federation result.
The Federation result will contain at least the first 40 positions.
Prize cards will be given for the first 10 positions.

34. The Federation may transport birds belonging to other Organisations and may be combined with other Organisations for racing. In the event that the scheduled race cannot to take place the Committee will decide an alternative race point. In an emergency the Race Adviser, Convoyer and any one other of the elected officers may authorise an alternative race point.

35. All loft locations within the Wiltshire & District South Road Federation will pay a container fee of £10 on joining a club within the federation.
The container fee is not payable if a loft location transfers to or joins another Club within the Federation as long as the Club Secretary advises the Federation Secretary the name of the Club the container fee was paid through and when.
If a loft location resigns from a Club and leaves the Federation then the container fee is payable on rejoining a Club within the Federation.

36. No one fancier or Club Member to be left in charge of race birds after they have been rubbered. Two Members who shall not be related or a partnership to accompany the birds on any feeder service. They should travel in the same vehicle.

37. Details of liberation/holdover will be telephoned to each clubs designated representative. Liberation time/holdover will be entered on the BHW lib line service.

38. The Management Committee may call for any Club Members clock to be delivered to them for inspection, checking and testing.

39. The first pigeon only in each club to qualify for Federation Championship points. The Club with the highest velocity shall be awarded the maximum number of points which shall be determined by the number of clubs in the Federation race. The Club with the next highest velocity shall be awarded one point less than the first Club and thereafter each Club shall receive one point less than Club above it in descending order down to a minimum of one point.

40. Claims for Federation average and points trophies must be made within 28 days of the last published young bird race result. All claims to be made through Club Secretaries. Cups and trophies to be returned on or before the 1st meeting after racing. (2nd Sunday in October) Failure to do so, Members to have trophies engraved at his/her own expense.

41. Any pigeon entered and timed, in any race organized by the Federation may be tested for the presence of performance enhancing substances/drugs in accordance with any RPRA procedures at the time in force. Failure to allow any sample to be taken and analysed will lead to disqualification from the race and suspension or expulsion from the Federation.

42. The salaries of all paid officials of the Wiltshire & District S R Federation, shall be reviewed at the Delegate Meeting prior to the AGM, and confirmed at the AGM.

43. All New Clubs joining the Wiltshire & DSRF, pay a Deposit of £5 per crate issued to them, refundable upon returning all crates, when resigning from the organisation.
(1) Federation birdage charge be worked out per race, dependant on the cost of putting on the race
(2) Old hens be allowed in the basket with young birds to prepare them for specialist races.